Our passion is helping companies advance sustainability

Paul Nowak

Executive Director, GreenBlue

Olga Kachook

Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Karen Hagerman

Director, How2Recycle

Barbara Fowler

Director, Marketing & Communications

Amelia Kibler

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Mike Tannenbaum

Director of Optimization and Sustainability Solutions

Tom Pollock

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Kristin Deschner

Director of Membership Experience & Operations

Alessa Bazzi

Project Associate, H2R

Cassandra Clayton

Senior Project Manager, H2R

Danielle Davis

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Amanda Ellen

Project Associate, H2R

Lauren Francis

Senior Manager, Events

Savannah Guinyard

Project Associate, How2Recycle

Anika Hager

Marketing Coordinator

Gabriella Hernandez

Senior Project Manager, H2R

Annika Furr

Program Associate

Allyson Wingert

CRM & Membership Manager

Shanala Fischer

Membership Analyst Coordinator

Kristen Kerns

Manager, Events

Ruth Maust

Senior Manager

Lucy Pierce

Project Manager, SPC

Kaleigh Reno

Senior Manager, How2Recycle

Lauren Rowell

Project Manager, How2Recycle

Zoe Slutzky

Project Coordinator, How2Recycle

Jeremiah Wayman

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications