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The Sustainable Packaging Coalition® brings together businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies to collectively strengthen and advance the business case for more sustainable packaging.

Since 2004, we’ve delivered results-oriented projects and cutting-edge resources and projects that have established the SPC as the leading voice on packaging sustainability. Members have exclusive access to the annual SPC Advance conference, as well as many other discounts on resources and services.


Opportunities to introduce new project ideas, participate in SPC Collaboratives, and contribute to resources

Free, unlimited access to our member directory, published materials, webinars, technical guides, and reports

Complimentary attendance to select SPC events

Demonstrate your support of the SPC's mission to make packaging more sustainable

Networking and collaboration opportunities with other leadership companies in the Coalition

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SPC Testimonial

“The SPC helped guide the definition of a sustainable packaging for our company and we continue to rely upon the tools and resources available to us as an SPC member.”

SPC Testimonial

"The content knowledge the SPC staff provides helps me understand how to look at packaging and evaluate technologies."

Our Members

The SPC membership includes hundreds of companies in the marketplace and represents diverse perspectives across the packaging supply chain.

  • 115

    Material Manufacturers

  • 238

    Packaging Converter/Suppliers

  • 189

    Brand Owner and Retailers

  • 21

    Recyclers and Waste Recoveries

  • 85

    Packaging and/or Sustainability Consulting Services

  • 39

    Government Agencies

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Eligibility Requirements

SPC membership is open to any for-profit company, government agency, or academic institution that complies with the following:

  • Demonstrates a substantial interest in the packaging industry and is directly involved in the manufacture, use, or recovery of packaging
  • Acknowledges the principles embodied in the vision and mission of the SPC and agrees in writing to act in conformance with and support both
  • Agrees in writing to abide by the membership guidelines and antitrust guidelines
  • Stays current in its membership dues to the SPC
  • Is approved for membership by the SPC staff, as advised by the SPC Executive Committee, based upon the foregoing compliance requirements.

GreenBlue recognizes that non-governmental organizations/not-for-profits and business leagues/associations are representative of packaging interests and important resources to the industry and consumers, but GreenBlue is not accepting applications from these organizations at this time. GreenBlue invites these organizations to attend open SPC events and encourages opportunities for open exchanges.

GreenBlue may refuse to renew the membership of any company that it determines, in its sole discretion, has engaged in behavior that harms the SPC or GreenBlue or disrupts the SPC mission. Membership in the SPC does not constitute membership in GreenBlue or in the Board of Directors of GreenBlue. SPC members who are not also members of GreenBlue Board have no voting or other rights in the governance of GreenBlue. 

Read our SPC Member Policies for more information.

Membership Dues Are Based on Corporate Revenue

After analyzing the impact inflation has had, the conclusion was reached that to maintain the level of quality services and support that you have come to expect as members, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition will be adjusting its membership dues, beginning May 1st, 2023. In tandem with this adjustment to SPC member pricing, How2Recycle membership will also be seeing an increase of its own. Adjustment will affect new memberships and the July-June cycle first but will stay in place for 2024.

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